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Readymade Glasses @ $0.50 **Potluck Special!!!!

You get a random mix of powers and models. Powers available from +1.00 to +4.00.
Price excludes shipping and taxes. 
For more info please contact :
Dheshini Naidoo @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lindile Siqalaba @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Frame (Code: PX007)
Color - Grey Size: 40-17-112
Frame (Code: PX010)
Color - Red Size: 39-15-115
Frame (Code: PX013)
Color - Purple Size: 39-15-125
Frame (Code: PX016)
Color - Black Size: 47-17-135
Frame (Code: PX017)
Color - Black Size: 53-15-138
Frame (Code: M026)
Color - Gun Metal Size 50-18-140
Frame (Code: M027)
Color - Gun Metal Size 46-17-135
Frame (Code: M028)
Color - Brown Size 52-18-135
Frame (Code: M029)
Color - Silver Size 51-17-140
Frame (Code: M030)
Color - Brown Size 52-17-138
Frame (Code: M031)
Color - Silver Size 46-16-130
Frame (Code: MX009)
Color - Burgundy Size 50-16-135
Frame (Code: MX010)
Color - Purple Size 51-17-135
Frame (Code: P019)
Color - Navy Blue Size 46-17-125
Frame (Code: P022)
Color - Blue Size 52-17-136
Frame (Code: P023)
Color - Red Size 53-17-140
Frame (Code: PX018)
Color - Grey Size 46-16-126
Frame (Code: PX019)
Color - Grey Size 46-14-119
Frame (Code: PX020)
Color - Black Size 53-17-140
Frame (Code: PX021)
Color - Brown Size 55-17-137
Frame (Code: PX022)
Color - Black Size 55-16-135
Frame (Code: P027)
Color - Navy Blue Size 51-16-130
Frame (Code: P028)
Color - Tortoise Size 53-16-135
Frame (Code: PX023)
Color - Brown Size 51-17-140
Frame (Code: PX024)
Color - Navy Blue Size 38-14-110
Frame (Code: MX011)
Color - Brown Size 51-16-135
Frame (Code: MX012)
Color - Burgundy Size 50-17-135
Hand Held Peripheral Field Perimeter
Hand Magnifier 3x (Code: 3X6745)
Hand Magnifier 3x
Hand Magnifier 4x (Code: 4X6732)
Hand Magnifier 4x
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